Become a Vegetarian

I could wax on about my own journey into the Beauty and Diet a Coincidence?vegetarian lifestyle but…OK, maybe I’ll wax on a little, since you asked so nicely.  Before I do though, might I just say it is the best and easiest decision I have ever made!

In 1996, my family lived next door to a tri-athlete who was a family man in his mid 30’s.  Our families became friends.  We soon discovered that he was also a vegetarian.  My wife and I had always been interested in becoming vegetarian but we were unsure about what to do…surely it couldn’t be as easy as cutting meat out of our diet!  Well, Clive, our neighbour seized the opportunity to feed our curious nature and lent us a book called Diet for a New America, by John Robbins.  It changed our life.

Was becoming vegetarian as easy as eliminating meat from our diet?  My answer is yes.  That is precisely what we did.  A bit at a time we started to eliminate meat.  One of the first things we discovered from our friend and from reading was that our society eats way too much protein and that by eating some grains, vegetables and beans in place of meat, you still have ample protein in your diet. For the first 3 or 4 months we ate meat once or twice a week.  As we learned  more ways to cook with beans, rice, and other alternatives we eventually eliminated meat…after a couple more months.  We did not however, eliminate milk and eggs; we did cut back though. 

Another book that helped us on our way was Becoming Vegetarian  which I have posted on my vegetarian website; it gave us dietary confidence and reassurance that our choice was healthy for us and the planet.  You will also find the “Diet for a New America” , on my  Becoming Vegetarian  website.

There are a lot of things one could do for the planet.  Becoming vegetarian trumps almost any other single decision you might make to reduce your negative impact on the planet.  It is also perhaps the healthiest single decision you can make for your own life, effectively reducing your risk of dozens of cancers and other ailments.  What are you waiting for…just go ahead and make the best and easiest decision in your entire life.  And you can learn as you go, like my family and I did!

To see my other site and find my best book picks on becoming a vegetarion click here… LETS GO


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