Conservative Blue + Yellow = Green

First Chicken then Feeling the Heat!

First Chicken then Feeling the Heat!

Canadian voters can be sure of a very colourful campaign this fall! Harper embraces Green in the television leaders debate…but not until his “blue” party showed thier “yellow” side.  I think he realized how it made him look…afraid!  The Green Party is a party that embodies a new global consciousness and conscience about our planet.  To have Elizabeth May in the televised election debate will be as irritating for Harper as ants in his pajamas!  All the candidates will have to sharpen their skills and shift toward the greens platform or experience the full force of the Greens.  All candidates probably know that the polls after the debate will deliver sobering news to them about the Greens boost in popularty.  For the other candidates, it would have been good to keep the Greens down…but then they realized that looking like cowards was worse!



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3 responses to “Conservative Blue + Yellow = Green

  1. Every candidate in this election is a traitor to Canada.
    Do a little research.

    All major policy in this country comes from the UN via Maurice Strong and Friends.

    The influence of Maurice Strong and the UN run deep through all the main parties.

    A fact that is truly unfortunate for a people who would like to believe their elected representatives serve them and their country.

    A future built on the fraud that is global warming.

    In the end this election will boil down to – would you rather have cap and trade or a carbon tax.

    Regardless of who the Canadian people cast their vote for they lose.

    The main outcome of the election, cap and trade or a carbon tax, was cast a long time ago. Who wins the election is irrelevant.

    On the upside – Things are going to get very interesting in the near future.

  2. Bok bok!

    Harper is indeed showing his yellow. It’s going to be an interesting 6 weeks.

  3. Atomcat
    Thanks for your comment! Global warming isn’t a fraud but the political response to it is. I don’t want to sound like a pessimist, but as a Geologist, I have suspected for a long time that the CO2 tipping point was likely tripped a long while back which along with other human-mitigated global trends (deforestation and desertification) has only worsened the problem. There is likely little that can be done unless we can think of a way to refreeze permafrost or stop CO2 outgassing from the Oceans…as the planet warms…these CO2 inputs keep accellerating adding to the positive feedback cylce that will see the earth continue to warm. I don’t think we should do nothing though…we just need to get real and stop pretending that Global Warming is the only reason that we should curb our gluttonous lust for excess and our relentless pursuit to pump the earths oil dry and furthermore turn our crops into gas for our cars. We are poisoning our earth, water, land and bodies.
    I don’t give a crap about Maurice Strong and the UN anymore than you do…except for their influence on global politics…but I have to believe there are people out there who aren’t totally blinded by the BS enough to bring some sense to the madness happening around us. Maybe some of them belong to the Green Party?
    As for eligibility criteria to enter the debate…well those are more like guidelines really…aren’t they? Everything you say about their eligibility (or lack thereof) may be true except that they still deserve a spot at the table. They (Greens) may be technically a fringe party but they are not the Communists. Their ideals are not “fringe” but are much more main stream and are shared by many Canadians who want a cleaner, greener, happier Canada. I would like to ask (and I’m sure its been asked); To whom would Canadians cast their votes if it were not for “strategic” voting?”
    I personally know of Green supporters who voted strategically to make sure the greater of two evils did not get into power. Communists in a political debate might score debating points, but at the end of the day no one on the street would care that much…the Greens on the other hand…well now we’ll get a chance to see!

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