I sense much fear in you young Harper

Oi.  If you scroll down through my posts, you’ll see a picture of Prime Minister Harper’s head pasted onto a body of a cooked chicken.  That was to symbolize his cowardice when he took a desperate stand against the Green Party’s participation in a televised pre election debate. He came off then as a man afraid of being exposed for what he is…and now as he is about to lose his ruling government to a coalition…he is showing it again.  If you watch him in parlaiment as he lashes out at the opposition, you can see him spewing his fear as he tries to put it into everyone else in earshot.  I suppose George W. Bush taught him a thing or two about wielding the sword of fear at the masses.  Like the insecure bully who wants to hide his own fear and weakness so does Harper govern by using fear to intimidate the Canadain public into keeping his party in power.  Its a pathetic thing to watch.  The coalition that was just formed to overthrow the Conservatives does have weeknesses, but it is transparent in its existence.  It was  not born out of fear, but of non-confidence in a government that arrogantly pushes people around when it can’t scare them into submission.  Master Yoda could certainly see through Prime Minister Harper,  perhaps the PM should watch Star Wars again (or even for the first time?).  Maybe he would see that his dark side and weaknesses are more visible to more Canadians than he thinks; and perhaps to the people who are watching from around the World.

My advice to Stephen Harper and his Conservatives would be to admit your msitakes. You look childish in your attempt to conceal what is obvious.  Don’t try to deny that you are going down, you’ll only do more damage and pull people in with you as you struggle while your getting deepeer into believing your own crap.  And one more thing.  Try working with people…collaboration is key in these troubled times and in any time for that matter.  In your arrogance, you may fool some people some of the time, but now you are only fooling yourself.  Let it go…if anything, its your grappling for power that makes Canada look politically unstable to international eyes.


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