Elizabeth May; here we go again!

Its instant replay time for Canadian federal election 2011 and the media blocking Elizabeth May from a leaders debate. Reason enough for the consortium to let her in is that May’s Green Party is an emerging and popular one that would get more votes if it were not for people voting strategically. They are not the fringe party that the consortium makes them out to be…but I believe the consorium knows this already. True, the democratic process has not favoured them, but their popularity is on the upswing and everyone knows it. (Check out this; http://greenparty.ca/node/6660 ) Here’s why I think the consortium is really “saying” that they are blocking her;  two words…”marketing and promotion”.  This is likely because it creates newsworthy controversy that pumps up the debate in the media, popularizing it so that people hear a lot about it. As long as the debate controversy continues so does promotion of the leaders dabate! And its not just the consortium getting all the publicity for their debate but Elizabeth May too! She can ride the controversy and gain a bigger piece of the public eye. In the last federal debate May fought into it as an underdog, held her own and in the opinion of many she came off as the winner, knowing the issues inside and out. I doubt many would have doubted her ability as a leader after the debate. My biggest criticism of May is that she might come off as a somewhat quirky personality; albeit a kind, authentic, intelligent one. Quite Canadian actually. I really believe that the Greens are a positive, rising force in Canada and that Canadians want to be seen as more green than their current leaders are facilitating. Many Canadians are embarrassed by the current political environmental policy and inaction of government. Fear of the unknown is all that is stopping many people from voting Green; that or the belief that their vote must be strategically made to ensure that the greater evil doesn’t take a seat in some ridings. Never-the-less, come a few days before the debate I believe a shiny green light will burn through the consortium’s inhibitions of allowing Elizabeth May into the debate. The other leaders may scoff and stomp, but most Canadians and the consortium will glad that she’s there.


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