Canadian Federal Election Survey 2015

Canadian Federal Election Survey 2015

Which candidate for Prime Minister of Canada do you believe:

  1. is the most undemocratic?
  2. is the most fear mongering?
  3. is the most culturally destructive?
  4. is the bootlicker of the wealthiest multinational corporations?
  5. is most likely to silence the science and scientists that protect Canada and Canadians?
  6. has the most money to spend on designing a media campaign?
  7. would prefer that Canadians are politically disengaged?
  8. would prefer that the masses are uneducated?
  9. would sell out Canada and its values for a Trans Pacific Partnership deal?
  10. manufactures distractions and crises that evoke worry and suspicion?
  11. is likely to sacrifice the democratic process by selfishly proroguing parliament if things don’t go their way?
  12. would be the worst offenders at pressuring their MP’s to vote along party lines?
  13. should never be a leader of a country?

Take the survey.  Share the survey.  Talk about politics.  Get informed on the details behind the fluff.  Stand up for an enlightened society by championing research, education, political protesters, whistle blowers and the arts…these things make Canada great. Think.  Finally, VOTE, and/or protest loudly, cleverly and conspicuously…but do it.  Good Luck.

Thank you for taking the Canadian Federal Election Survey 2015.


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