Dougsplace is written by Doug McColl. 

I am an outdoor sports, recreation and education professional.  Since 1989 I have taught canoeing skills, cross-country skiing, orienteering and other outdoor pursuits to literally thousands of children and adults.  I have also lead dozens of interpretive canoe hikes, ski hikes, snowshoe hikes, bike hikes, and of course regular hikes.  You can see photos and read about some of these at http://www.geocities.com/dougscanoe/blog.html .

 As a husband, father of 5, a writer, musician, teacher,  lover of nature and non motorized outdoor recreation (running, biking, skiing canoeing) kind of guy, I decided that since I was writing about stuff that matters to me, perhaps someone might as well read it.   

When I was a child I was called a dreamer by my friends and I’m likely still thought so by many…especially my own chidren!  This blog represents a lifetime of being a dreamer. At times it’s the rambling soul of a non-conformist. At other times a search for truth, clarity and the true riches of life which are found in our experiences with others and the world.

I welcome your questions and comments.


3 responses to “About

  1. Linda

    Hi Doug,
    Thanks for the piece about unemployment. Going through a tough time myself. Is your family from the Belleville area by any chance?
    Keep on dreaming,

    • Doug McColl

      Linda, I’m from Muskoka, not from Belleville but in talking to friends and relatives it seems that the picture is the same across the province. I’ve visited Employment Resource Centers regularly over the past 6 months and in the past month they have often been packed. 6 months ago they were often nearly empty except when they had a scheduled workshop.
      I find that just focussing on my gratitude for living in Canada and other positives helps me keep things in perspective. According to the old biblical expression, “And this too shall pass”.
      Health and Happiness

  2. Jim Bellingham

    I’m out in Dartmouth, NS, as I write this. I am into my second week of my 2 week “tour of duty”. I was at a concrete plant in Yarmouth last Sat.. They have been “acquired” twice recently in a short period of time. These job cycle fluctuations are no new thing to the people out here. That is one of the reasons they are so friendly and down to earth. On the wall at the concrete plant were some words of wisdom from their carpenter. Life descibed in 3 words, from what I’ve seen, “it goes on”. Wasn’t it nice of the hard line CAW 2 back down and accept ‘concessions’? Wonder what changed their minds all of a sudden, the demise of Stelco maybe???? All of a sudden, foreign investment is an issue again. No one said a word 8 years ago when the Americans who had bought IMAX shut down manufacturing. I guess we were once again “ahead of our time” and the job loss numbers were negligible then? My father spent his life, literally, at Stelco, in the hopes that his future was secured financially. Now they are at the mercy of US Steel, who acquired their pensions/benefit package. Hence my lack of sympathy 4 the poor members of CAW!!!! You and I would be happy with 1/2 of their unemployment pay and benefits Doug!

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