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Conservative Blue + Yellow = Green

First Chicken then Feeling the Heat!

First Chicken then Feeling the Heat!

Canadian voters can be sure of a very colourful campaign this fall! Harper embraces Green in the television leaders debate…but not until his “blue” party showed thier “yellow” side.  I think he realized how it made him look…afraid!  The Green Party is a party that embodies a new global consciousness and conscience about our planet.  To have Elizabeth May in the televised election debate will be as irritating for Harper as ants in his pajamas!  All the candidates will have to sharpen their skills and shift toward the greens platform or experience the full force of the Greens.  All candidates probably know that the polls after the debate will deliver sobering news to them about the Greens boost in popularty.  For the other candidates, it would have been good to keep the Greens down…but then they realized that looking like cowards was worse!



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