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4 Day Work Week = More SEX !!?

Ever wondered why a “normal”  North American work week is 40 hours over 5 days?  Most likely its a relict from a time gone by and probably serves little purpose anymore.  Today people in some companies work different shifts, other countries have 4 day work weeks and in fact it was a political issue in Quebec in 2003.  Consider not just getting a day of your life back each week but consider the environmental benefits of not having to drive to work that day.  True, some people may just use the day to travel, shop etc., so they wouldn’t be helping reduce greenhouse gas.  I think however, that many people would use that day to spend around home, with family, learning a new skill or taking up a recreational activity. 

Another benefit would be in creating meaningful employment…that is if a four day work week also meant working less hours.  What I mean is that the work week would be 32 hours and not 40.  Therefore, in theory, every four people working a four day week would create a new four day job for someone else.  And to top it off,  the 8 hour reduction in each employees income would be partly made up for by dropping them to a lower tax bracket!

Have some fun and Google “four day work week”!  And tell me what you think!  Better yet, bring up the discussion at work and plant a seed of suggestion that its an idea to get pushing for.  Start a petition, make a bumper sticker…get talking and lets see if it can happen.  A four day work week is both SEXY and sensible.  Ya, I guess there would be more time for that!



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